Thursday, September 22, 2016

Anger & Violence

There is a right and wrong way to do things, Anger stirred with Violence solves nothing. There is a way people can voice their concerns and frustrations but to agitate an already volatile situations is not the solutions. Let's come up with a plan and proceed in an intelligent manner for a positive and satisfying outcome.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Infected-Infection by Regina Weston

Definition of Infection: the process of infecting or the state of being infected.

Definition of Infected: to taint or contaminate with something that affects quality, character, or condition unfavorably.

There are many doorways in which bacteria can enter your body: you can breathe them in from the air and they enter your lungs. You can eat them, when food is not handled properly or cooked thoroughly or tainted. Finally, you can touch a bacteria or a virus and then rub your nose or eyes and it can enter in this way.

Above are just a few examples on the ways you can get something that can cause you to be infected with something that can be harmful to the body or just make you sick and unproductive.   

Many of you are infected and have become mentally and physically stagnate and don't even know it.

You are infected when you can't think for yourself, your always looking for someone or something to validate you. It's time to stand up and begin making decision that will affect your life in a constructive way, and stop caring about who's for you or against you. Sometimes it's going to be you against the world.

It's okay to have supporters but some people constantly need people in their face. It's a saying that three's a crowd; everyone in your face does not always have your best interest at heart. It's time to open your eyes to those that are for you and those that are keeping you from growing. They don't want you to go anywhere because they aren't going anywhere; sitting on the phone, talking about nothing productive is a use of waste-less time and energy. The same as partying, drinking and drugging, it's time out for all this turn up mentality. And it's time to be about handling your business and investing into your present and future.

The clock is ticking and no one is getting younger, time does not work in reverse, so how long do you continue to stay where you are at? No one is going to hand you a silver spoon and platter at will; you have to work, work and work. That's if you want to make something out of your life? If not, that is your choice as well, but don't be a complainer then. Infected people love to complain about their thousand and one problems on their butts of do nothing.

When you're infected with a virus or something that is causing harm to the body, one usually go to the doctor, well today, I will be the doctor and my advice is, "Get Your Life!"  It's time to stop pondering on what you want to do and do something that can open some doors for you, or assist you in kicking down a few doors. Being infected and not doing anything to help, YOU, well it's just not cool.

Here are the doctor's orders, avoid toxic company, the whiners and pessimists. Modify the way you think and invest in kindness, a hello, a good deed goes a long way, it opens unexpected doors. Venture out of your environment; go places where business and product people hang out. Align yourself with people that have the anecdote for success, encouragement and a bright outlook on the future, yours and theirs. This is the only way you can begin to get rid of the infection, you need the right antibiotics.

The antibiotics consist of identifying your strengths. It's about waking up bright and early each morning with a plan. It's being aware of what is going on in the world around you and setting clear and attainable goes. It's being accountable for your actions and decisions. It's also about preparing yourself for the good, the bad and the ugly, realizing that you can learn from your failures and not fall in a sink hole of despair.

Life will change for you, granted it may be challenging but choose to smile and take another step forward, "I got your back because I Am My Sister's Keeper."